5 Tips for Managing a Large Workforce

So you are a Human Resource Manager? Are you wondering how to support and manage a larger team? This article is for you. Admittedly managing a larger team can be daunting and overly tasking. I see why you would feel overwhelmed with that, but nothing is undoable we can navigate the task. Here is what you can do;

1.     Look out how you communicate

Communication is arguably the most crucial aspect of any business, it is however highly specific depending on the team that you are managing. It could be that your team is in one building or across a larger geographical space. If you have the former then a face to face communication would work for your team, if you have the latter then channels such as skype could be crucial.  You need to be sure that the teams are able to communicate among themselves and also that you have access to them and they can reach you easily. This is important as it will get a lot of back-talks out of the way, therefore, making it easier to manage a team.

2.     Empower your management team

Do not just have mere managers and supervisors, make every effort to empower them to manage the team. Giving them mandate and deliverables in relation to the team members will make your work easier. Empower them to make decisions on their own, this will raise the respect from their team and become a crucial asset to resource management for the organization. A highly respected management team is a great asset to the organization.

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3.     Delegate

Closely related to empowering the management is delegation. Do not seek to do everything on your own because you will be overwhelmed. Having lesser on your hands helps you focus on the more demanding tasks that fall more specifically to you and cannot be delegated.

4.     Accept feedback

There is a big quote, that says ”not having feedback is feedback in itself” your team may not be speaking out because they have no channel to do so. While you will not need to have everyone reach you, make sure that the management team can express their opinion to you. They can be your ears and eyes in areas you cannot be at. This makes it easier to see where the dents are in your team and find the best way to mend them.

5.     Build relationships across the team

Do not be the boss at the corner office that does not interact with any of the employees. Be sure to create some relationships within the team. Apart from having a really strong relationship with the management team which you should, be sure to create interest in the workforce. People will feel more appreciated if they feel that you are invested in the work in them. You do not have to know what everyone does in the team especially if it’s a large team. Whenever you can create an interest in the workers and prove to them that you appreciate the work they put into the organization.

Be a good workforce manager with the above tips and see your organization thrive through your teamwork.