7 Tips to Excelling at your Workplace

7 Tips to Excelling at your Workplace #IkoKaziKE #Unemployment #KaziQuestTips

7 Tips to Excelling at your Workplace

You worked hard to get that job and it is in your best interest that you maintain it at all costs. We recognize that and this article will give you all the tips that you need to make sure that you are keep your job and you excel at it. So read on.

  1. Understand your employers goals

It is evidently very hard to satisfy a goal that you do not know.  Yes it can be exciting to have this new job but take time to first understand what the employer’s needs are and why they sought to fill that position in the first place.

Once you understand what their pain points are, see to help them solve them and voila you are on your way to excellence. No one wants to spend money on an employee that is not helping them achieve their goals.

  1. Know your colleagues

Some say that you do not need to interact with your workmates as you were employed to make money and not friends. This is not always true, get to know the people you work with, learn about their interests even outside of the work setting. Human being are relation at the core, if you get along with a person easily you work with them better. In addition, knowing their like and dislikes helps you to know how to interact with them at the office.

  1. Be professional

We cannot emphasize this enough, for you to be professional in all that you do at the work place. Seek to be respectful, mind your language and do your work professionally. Part of being professional is not only on how you behave, doing your work well is also an aspect of professionalism.

Seek to know what your industry professional guidelines are and abide by them. This way you will earn both people’s respect and also confidence that you can be trusted to deliver your work.

  1. Be a team Player

This is different from knowing your colleagues. Being a team player means that you are an important asset to the company and your immediate teammates in the department. The same way the company is not willing to keep a redundant employee, your team will not appreciate dead weight as well.

Know your team priorities and seek to build into them. Endeavor to learn your teammates’ likes and dislikes. The same principle applies here, it is easier to work with people who you get along easily, and it is easier for them as well to recommend you as a preferred team mate.

  1. Take feedback Gracefully

It might be hard to take criticism but you should in fact look out for it. This is how the big companies keep themselves in the market. They ride on the feedback. The fact that you are not an island and that you do not work alones means that other people have an opinion about you. Do not be quick to dismiss what they have to say about you. Take it in and then sieve what is important and seek to correct where you maybe erring.

This is the only way to know whether you are making progress or not. On the other hand do not dwell on those who clearly want to put you down and have no intentions of making you better by their feedback. Learn to distinguish the two.

  1. Stretch your skill set

We live in a dynamic world that keeps changing. It is said today that the most popular jobs in the next 10 years have not even been invented yet. What this means is that in the next few years you will be replaceable if you do not endeavor to grow. Always be on the lookout for new skills to add to your set. Be proactive in researching and acquiring new knowledge that can be used to improve your work. Employers are always on the lookout for such.

  1. Take initiative

It might be brilliant to follow instruction but at times it is even more beneficial to take initiative and spur actions.  Do you have better ideas on how your tam can work better? Do you have a skill that you have acquired of late that can help your organization? Do not wait to be called out, Make suggestions to your bosses and help them improve the organization or business/ this will make you an indispensable asset.