Benefits of Adopting an Applicant Tracking System For Your Business

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So what is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

It is a software created to automate, hasten and simplify the recruitment process for employers.

It is simply a system that will move you from the tedious excel sheet data management to a more centralized and automated form.

An applicant tracking system automates an organization’s recruiting and staffing operations, and provides a central repository for candidate data—including résumés and applications. An ATS is built to help you better manage every stage in the recruiting process, from application to hire, while delivering greater overall efficiency.

Our ATS is designed in a way that it helps improve the three major recruitment metrics namely;

i.             Time-to-hire

ii.           Cost-per-hire

iii.         And the quality-of-hire

How is the software structured?

Now that you know what ATS is, you may need to understand how it works and how you could use it at your business.

The software creators design the program in such a way that you can install it on your Human Resource department system and can log in to use it whenever the need arises.

All you need is a key to log into the system.

Some of the features in the system include

i.             A central repository of applicant’s resumes and applications

ii.           An accessible applicant profile database

iii.         Storage capacity of interview kids and scorecards

iv.          Automated Interview scheduling

v.            HR templates

vi.          Automated email responses

vii.        Recruiting analytics and reporting

What are the benefits, therefore?

Whether you are a small or a large business, you need to consider an Applicant Tracking System for your business.

This is because of the following benefits;

1.   Speeding up the recruiting process

As the world moved to paperless and digital processes it is time for your business to shift as well.

An ATS system will save you from the excessive time you spend preparing spread sheets on excel and give you seamless time throughout your recruiting activities. 

Adopting an ATS system makes sure that your recruiting process is faster and seamless. An ATS system enables you to advertise and receive applications for a position all in one place.

It saves you the hustle of amercing papers application form hundreds of applications and gives you the data in one click of a button in the software. Candidates.

Time to hire as a recruitment t metric includes different activities such as sourcing for applicants, promotion of the sourcing ads, the job postings and the interviewing. All in one place an ATS system makes sure that all this is handled for you.

2.   Saving your cost per hire

 The other major metric in recruitment is the amount of money spent on filling a job position. The costs of filling a position may include, salaries for the recruiters, allowances for interviewers, costs of relocation and travel allowances, employee referral bonuses and job advertising costs.

Having and effective ATS in your company makes sure that you can handle most of these at a click of a button. You do not have to spend money separately for advertisement, promotion and employee referral bonuses.

An ATS system handles that all under one roof and you get to pay for them as a package! What a save.

On the other hand you will be able to save on human hours that could be spent sorting paperwork and conducting endless interviews for unqualified candidates. The system automatically sorts the qualified candidates and therefore eases your work on sorting and interview invitations.

Thirdly, the system records and stores data so that every time you are recruiting you to have a list of applications to refer from. Now, this eases the work and saves costs of re advertisements and rehiring as every time you want to hire for a position you have a pool of applications to consider.

3.   Quality of the Hire

Quality of hire is the total value that new employees bring to the company in their performance.

It is the interest of each recruiter to tap into the best talent in the market to enable them to harness the best benefits from a recruited candidate.

How does ATS help you hire the best candidate?

According to research the best candidates looking for employment stay on the market for about 10 days! So this means that if you need to tap into the best talents in the market you will have to have an efficient system.

This especially applies to the highly technical position and senior positions.

Head hunting is usually very aggressive especially when these individuals express interests for hire or rehiring.

You therefore need to have an efficient recruiting system that had clear and timely communication to entice these candidates,

Candidates that experience good and efficient communication during recruitment are likely to come back or even refer their counterparts to your company in case of future openings.

The automated email responses and the clear structure communication models make it easy for your business to attract the best talents for positions.


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