How Different Is Kaziquest System To Other Job Search Apps?

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How different is KaziQuest system to other Job Search apps?

Job searching in Kenya and in the world, in general, has taken a more technological angle. The better a system is able to use machine learning and artificial intelligent the better it is for its users to narrow down into the specific needs for their search.

We have partnered with Google, using Google’s expertise in machine learning to provide faster, more relevant results for workers looking for jobs on  

It is a two way, a win-win situation for both the job seeker and the employer. At KaziQuest we have a solution for the needs of these two entities. For the job seeker, we make your work easier in transforming how you easily get matched to the job of your dreams and on the other hand the employer is able to reduce the amount of time used in hiring by getting the appropriate candidate, attached to their advertisement faster.

This service is designed to offer features such as the location and profile search for both candidates and employers to have an optimized search experience for their needs. 


Instead of depending on the common simple keyword search technique that is mostly marred with challenges such as jargon, typos and irrelevant search results. Our system through the partnership with Google gives you optimized results through the use of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

ML (Machine Learning) technology helps to faster understand the jobs posted and the intent of the job seeker for better results. The advantage is, therefore, as a job seeker your profile will get matched faster and the employer will have an easier time identifying/ being matched by the right talent.

It doesn’t matter whether you misspell words, add sentences with typos or aren’t sure of what words the job ad used, with our system at KaziQuest, you are assured of the results you are looking for.

Post Jobs For Free KaziQuest Hire Smart Advertise A Job Free
Post Jobs For Free KaziQuest. Hire Smart!! Advertise A Job Free

Decrease hiring time

Even with vagueness in the job ad and job description, Machine Learning helps interpret the intended needs of the employers hence making it easier to be found by the job seekers, just the same way it is so easy to find results from vague descriptions on Google. As an employer, you are assured that once you place your ad with KaziQuest, its discoverability is faster than other platforms. On the other hand, the job seeker has an easier time discovering the jobs that are posted daily from the hundreds of job-seeking applications that exist.

Why choosing us is advantageous

We at Kaziquest we believe that your time is money. We are in the business of handling all your logistics in recruitment and making sure that you have an easier time in your hiring or job-seeking engagements.  We are unique in how we handle your needs, our goal is to offer you solutions that really put jobs available out there in front of your eyes and making sure that the right employers have access to your job applications.

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