Survival Tips When You Cannot Find a Job

7 Tips To Survive Unemployment - KaziQuest


Sometimes life may take a different trajectory than what you hoped it to be and this may set you off balance. Finding a job in Kenya can be a nightmare in the sense that it is harder now and may take longer than expected.

On the other hand, losing a job is equally more rampant now, with the economic crisis; more companies are retrenching employees to cut down on costs and reducing expenditure by avoiding hiring new employees.

So what to do when caught up in joblessness?

1.      Live minimally

There is no need to keep up with the Joneses if you cannot sustain that lifestyle. Sometimes people are caught up in living a life beyond their means just to keep afloat with their peers. This is a wrong move. After college especially, and before you get a stable income or employment, keep your expenditure at a minimum. Find a modest house to live in and if possible seek to cost-share with a friend or a family. This will help you reduce expenditure especially because you are not earning much.

2.      Add Skills

If you thought school was done after your undergraduate degree, you could be terribly wrong! That period that you are seeking for a job, seek also to add a skill or two to your resume. Skills are more readily available now than before. You have a wealth of courses online that are offered for free. Visit sites such as Coursera and choose from a range of courses that you can undertake. These are the things that make you stand out in job interviews and will make you effective once you land that job.

3.      Apply for jobs

You have to be crazy about job applications; you cannot possibly say that you are looking for a job if you are not constantly on the lookout and applying for opportunities. Be smart about your job search and subscribe to sites such as KaziQuest that give you regular updates on the jobs available in the market. This eases your task of having to look out manually for job opportunities.

4.      Network widely

It is said that your network is your net worth! This is true and especially when it comes to finding work. On a recent study done on recruitment and finding jobs, it was discovered that HR’s would prefer hiring people from referrals than having to look for a totally new person to interview for vacancies. Do not ignore anyone as you search for a job; view each person you meet as a possible gateway to your next opportunity. It may be that they will refer you to a site you can find work, they may be owners of companies that can give you work or they may just recommend you to places with vacancies. So be nice and vigilant.

Another great tip on this one is to always introduce yourself professionally and state that you are looking for a job. You never know who is listening.

5.      Take care of your mental health!

It is very easy to lose it in this stage of life. Sometimes stress and frustrations of being broke and not finding work may take a toll on you but you have to keep yourself sane. Here are some tips you can use to do this.

a.      Find a hobby

   Find something you enjoy doing and plug into it. It may be reading a book, watching a movie or even cooking. It doesn’t have to cost money. This gives you time to take stock review and let your body relax to avoid breakdowns.

b.      Talk

There is no problem that is unique to one person.  A problem shared is half-solved the famous quote says. When you feel not okay be sure to reach out to trusted friends or family and talk it out. Do not live a secluded life.

c.       Take things easy

Easier said than done but it is quite crucial to know that it will all work out someday. You are not going to be broke forever and you will soon find a break. Stressing about it now will not make anything better and you will only steal yourself the joy of enduring the journey. Take every difficulty as a lesson and let it make you and not break you.

6.      Discover / find out your path

Take time to look within you and discover the career path that you want to follow. Most people when they are desperate to find employment tend to take anything that comes their way. This is wrong, remember that as you work on just anything you are losing years that you could be using to gain experience in a career of your choice. This is not to say that you should be picky with work, it just means that you need to be careful. You would rather take longer to find work than to just take anything that comes your way just because you need a job. Always have a career path in your head and work hard to building into it.

These are some of the tips that we have that can help you with your unemployment stage in life. We hope that helped you and we wish you all the best with that job search.