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How Easy Do You Want It To Be?

The hiring process doesn’t have to be so tiring and requiring a lot of manual admin. Do away with the tedious excel sheets and forms to sieve through applications.
At KaziQuest, we exist to rescue the human resource professionals and the hiring team. We provide easy one-point access to all the candidates' profiles and applications for the management of the hiring process.

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How It Works.

You know how you advertise for a job opening and receive hundreds of applications and have to go through them to find the talent you are seeking?
Forget that! By using KaziQuest your work is reduced up to 85%.

Here's why...

All you need to do is direct the applicants to apply through our site, using our applicant tracking system, we sort the applications for you and give the most viable applications for you to interview, just how helpful is that?
The applicant tracking system uses Artificial intelligence ( AI) and keywords to make sure that each application is considered and the best viable talent is selected.

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Decrease Time to Hire

With Machine Learning at its core, our solution helps employers find the right candidates faster.

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Increase Quality Hires

Our matching technology uses Machine Learning to better understand the job vs the jobseeker.

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Spend Less Money Hiring

We offer affordable pricing options that cover the entire recruitment process; including advertising and promotions.

Customize Your Process.

What is great about our software is that you can customize it to fit your need. There is no one size fits all, we let you tell us what you need and we give exactly what you need. Personalize the process and boost your organizational culture by streamlining the processes.

Build your brand credibility

Offering a consistent candidate experience during the hiring process creates a credible and dependable brand message. Candidates are always assured that the hiring process will be smooth, with smooth feedback and fair interviews and selections.

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People are valuable assets

Remember that people are your most valuable assets. They are also the best ambassadors for your brand. When they believe in your processes, it boosts your brand acceptability.

Finally! We walk with you

Our team is ready to serve you, whether you need more information on what we offer, or need to personalize your package. We offer our customers timely correspondences and this sets us apart from other key players.
So what are you waiting for? Hire with us today.

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